How can I get to the festival?

Basler Park is located at 99 chemin du Lac Echo in Morin Heights.

Located nearby, Chalet Bellevue: 27, rue Bellevue, Morin-Heights.


To get to the festival from Montreal:


-Take Highway 15 N

-Take exit 60 of Highway 50 N to Saint-Sauveur/Morin-Heights/Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard/

-Continue on QC-364 O to Bennett Street in Morin-Heights

-Turn left on Robert Street

-Stay on your right to turn right on Chemin Jean-Adam/QC-364 O

-Turn left on Bennett Street

-Turn left again to stay on Bennett Street

To get to the festival from St-Sauveur:

-Go south-west on Principal street to Avenue Lafleur S
-Continue on Chemin Jean-Adam/QC-364 E
-Continue on QC-364 E
-Turn left on Bennett Street
-Turn left again to stay on Bennett Street

To get to the festival from Tremblant:

-Follow QC-117S
-Take exit QC-327 / Léonard Street to Mont Tremblant/Lachute/Huberdeau
-Turn right on Léonard Street/QC-327 S
-Turn left on Morrison Road/QC-327 S (QC-364 E/Lachute)
-Turn left on Montée de Montcalm/QC-364 E
-Turn right on Bennett Street
-Turn left to continue on Bennett Street

Is the park accessible to kids and persons with disabilities and reduced mobility?

Of course ! There will be games for kids and the park is accessible to people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

Is the festival Eco-friendly?

Yes, to have as little waste as possible and have a minimal impact on the environment, we bring on site many initiatives to have as little impact on the environment as we can. You can see our eco-friendly page to learn more about it.

I'm a local artist and I would like to play for your next edition. How can I reach you?

You can contact the festival's team using our contact page.

If you have any other questions or comments, you can visit our contact page and send us a message!